Flower Boys

Flowers For Girls is featuring a “Flower Boys” section! We don’t know everything about boys, so we asked some close friends if they’d be interested in contributing to the magazine. If you have any questions about boys that we can’t answer, we can refer you to a boy, or you can pick one from here!


Name: Iziah

Age: 18 (January 12, 1998)

Contact: Email

Relationship: Karma’s boyfriend

About: “I can answer questions that girls can’t, I’m out of high school, but I still have high school experience. Anything else you want to add just add it baby.” -Iziah


IMG_9013Name: Michael

Age: 16 (November 12, 1999)


Relationship: Tyler & Karma’s close friend

About: “I like soupy mac n cheese and hacky sack. Don’t make me look too socially inept. No, you have fun with it as long as I still seem like I can help. Like don’t make me seem weird like they shouldn’t talk to me. It’s up to you. What pic and what contact info did you use?” -Michael



IMG_5961Name: Coltrane

Age: 16 (June 20, 2000)

Contact: Email

Relationship: Karma’s brother

About: “Something about poetry, I like poetry. I’m trying to think of something else about me, what did you put for other people’s stuff, I’m really bad at this.” -Coltrane



FullSizeRenderName: Jacob

Age: 17 (March 15, 1998)

Contact: Email

Relationship: Karma’s friend

About: “I like music, and artsy fartsy stuff. Got a question I’ve probably got an answer. I’ll certainly do my best. I don’t know if that’s ok I’m bad at bios and what not.” -Jacob


FullSizeRender (1)Name: Rey

Age: 18 (March 12, 1997)

Contact: Email

Relationship: Tyler & Karma’s friend

About: “I’m a good kid.” -Rey


IMG_6018Name: Jeremie

Age: 17 (October 23, 1998)

Contact: Email

Relationship: Tyler & Karma’s good friend

About: “I’m here for you.” -Jeremie




FullSizeRender (2)Name: Tyrek

Age: 17  (November 19, 1998)

Contact: Email

Relationship: Tyler’s close friend

About: “Community High School senior, you are the only one that can make you do something, no one controls you.” -Tyrek






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