Flower People

Flowers for Girls is featuring a new group of friends who are interested in helping others! Our Flower Boy section has extended to girls too, calling for a renaming of the group to: Flower People (until further notice). If you’re interested in joining, text @ffgirls to 81010. We also send out messages every now and then regarding new posts/videos!





Name: Iziah

Age: 19 (January 12, 1998)

Contact: EmailInstagram

Interests/Hobbies: Photography, Gardening, Entomology/Herpetology, Bookworm, Outdoorsy











Name: Coltrane

Age: 17 (June 20, 2000)

Contact: EmailInstagram

Interests/Hobbies: Photography, Poetry, Cat person, Theatre, Gaming



Name: Lily

Age: 17 (June 20, 2000)

Contact: Instagram

Interests/Hobbies: Singing, MMA, Theatre, Makeup, Mathematics







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